A Letter from the President

It’s staggering to me that in 2016, Americans left hundreds of millions of vacations days unused. Just think of all the opportunities missed to connect with family, recharge batteries, or discover a new part of the world. 

With each issue of Quest, we aim to provide you with the season’s top travel experiences around the world to guide you on just how to use those vacation days each year. This issue is no different—the following pages are filled with inspiration. 

Elizabeth Williams shares six sights you shouldn’t miss in the famously happy Kingdom of Bhutan while Laurel Delp tells us how to sip our way through Argentina’s wine country. Ker & Downey’s Katy Heerssen reveals some off-the-beaten-path places in Morocco, and Nicky Brandon visits Kenya to see how seven safari properties are working towards conservation and positively impacting their communities. For Harry Potter fans, Elizabeth Frels shares London’s quintessential stops to celebrate the series, while Martine Bury guides us on an island-hop through Sri Lanka, Oahu and French Polynesia in true Ker & Downey fashion. And that’s just the start of the travel tales found within these pages. As vivid as they are, you can’t truly experience a place unless you go there. Launch your next adventure with us.

I’ve spent over thirty years in the travel business. And I have been transformed by the journey too. It's a trip worth taking, a transformation worth experiencing.

Don’t leave unused vacation days on the table. Spend them wisely. Go with Ker & Downey. 

David Marek