A Letter from the President

There have been several studies in recent years on vacations and the effect they have on quality of life. There have even been studies on how the act of just planning a trip affects quality of life. Researchers are finding that people experience a significant boost in happiness during the planning stages of the trip because they are looking forward to the good times they’ll have and the break from the everyday routine.   

I know from my own experience, new surroundings and a few days away from the office do wonders for my mental state and overall happiness, clearing my head and giving me a chance to focus on other things.

That’s the key — you actually have to take the vacation. You can’t just plan it. In this issue of QUEST, we’ve got tons of ideas for your next journey — whether you have three days, or three weeks.

For those short on time, Haley Beham has you covered with exactly what to do in Guatemala with only 72 hours. For those who prefer to stay close to home, Katy Heerssen takes us on a grand tour of some the United States’ most iconic cities. And for those looking to travel a little farther, Rina Chandarana takes us on a journey to enchanting Seville and Granada.

Our designers are no strangers to the ‘out of office’ message. In this issue, you’ll also find inspiration from their trips to Uganda, Botswana, Chile and Germany. Zimbabwe is undergoing a transformation as it strives to regain its status as a premier safari destination. A safari there should definitely be on your radar. While you’re planning for safari, boost your wildlife photography skills with detailed tips in the Guide section of QUEST.

Don’t just plan the trip, take the journey. We’re here to help. 

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David Marek