When you travel with Ker & Downey, you become a force for good across the globe. These are some of the initiatives and partnerships we’re proud to support.




Amy Willis, Ker & Downey’s philanthropy manager, recently headed to Uganda to provide thousands of people with insecticide-treated  nets and medical care through Nets for Africa. Year-round, our company matches donations for every net purchased, helping us stop the devastating spread of disease through mosquito bites. Malaria is a major threat in Uganda and one million people die yearly from the disease in Sub-Saharan Africa. Each of the 6,000 nets we donated in 2018 can protect up to four children and lasts for three years. 

This was my inaugural trip to East Africa and the first time being on the front lines witnessing extreme poverty. There I was, shaking hands with the recipients of our mission and hearing their stories while looking into their eyes. I was often overwhelmed by the struggles and pain. It was emotional and exhausting, but incredibly rewarding.

For the past ten years, Ker & Downey — along with a team of doctors, nurses, volunteers, translators and churches — has kept Nets for Africa thriving. 

We went to Lira, a part of Uganda that has not benefited from a medical mission in the past. Many of the 9,000 people we met have never seen a doctor or dentist. We spent six days visiting villages, setting up a place to pick up prescriptions, providing HIV and blood testing, arranging doctor and dentist visits and offering reading glasses to the seniors. 

We also handed out the life-saving nets. Ninety percent of the supplies we distributed were bought in Uganda in an effort to directly contribute to the local economy. 

During my time in Uganda, we witnessed plenty of cases of malaria and sickle cell anemia, as well as babies with epilepsy and seniors suffering from tuberculosis. 

Africa is where Ker & Downey was born and the continent enriches our lives in so many ways, holding a big space in our hearts. With your help, Ker & Downey will continue to contribute to this part of the world that is so dear to us. 

At one point during the week, I thought to myself, “This was all made possible by people they don’t even know all the way in the United States.” This simply cannot be done without the support of generous donors.

Just $7 purchases a net, which can save four lives. If you have been touched by Africa’s magic or simply want to do good in the world, please consider helping us make even more of an impact this year in preventing the deadly transmission of malaria. Donate here.



We support WildAid’s mission of ending the illegal wildlife trade through stateside events. At the yearly star-studded gala, a Ker & Downey journey to New Zealand was auctioned off for $33,000, raising funds for WildAid’s anti-poaching campaigns. 



Ker & Downey clients traveling to South America support the Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation’s local library, scholarships and summer camp projects in remote, rural Ecuadorian communities where access to these services may not otherwise be available. Eco-conscious travelers will feel good knowing that their trip helps kids learn about preserving the forests’ biodiversity.



A portion of every custom Asia journey goes to ABOUTAsia, an organization founded with the aim of changing local communities in the Siem Reap Province through education. Ker & Downey clients have helped close to 53,000 children across 110 schools with upgraded libraries and new water wells. 


South Africa

Fill your lungs with fresh air at the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve in South Africa’s Western Cape. This year, Grootbos hopes to plant 1,000 trees in addition to the already 5,403 as part of their milkwood reforestation project. These vulnerable forests are carefully protected by the Grootbos Foundation, which plants a tree for every Ker & Downey client traveling to South Africa.