Northern Thailand Encounter

Contemporary luxury meets centuries-old tradition during your jaunt through the northernmost destinations in Thailand. Travel from the bustling hub of Bangkok to historical sites and intimate luxury camps.


France Through the Ages

JEmbark on an elegant “Tour de France” following the roads from the past. On this 17-day luxury France tour, uncover the history of France from the Greek and Roman occupation in Southern France, through medieval times in the Pyrenees, up to the Renaissance in the Loire Valley, and concluding around Paris, admiring the splendors of the Grand Siècle of King Louis XIV.


Trails Through the Sacred Valley

This luxurious physical, cultural, spiritual 13-day journey which includes horseback riding, leads you along the unbeaten trails of the mysterious Incas to the legendary ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. 


Venture to the Volcanoes

This exclusive itinerary journeys to the volcanic behemoths, sandy beaches, and tropical paradises of Central America. Pair high-flying adventure with low-stress water relaxation in Costa Rica’s Arenal and Rio Perdido volcanic regions and on Nicaragua’s stunning Emerald Coast.


A Journey of Beach & Bay: Qatar & Seychelles

Visit Seychelles by way of Doha, Qatar, and balance the best of beach luxury and fantastic culture. This journey does double-duty along the Arabian Peninsula and in the Indian Ocean, with private peeks at legendary museums, cities, natural wonders, and unforgettable coastlines.