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Long Haul Flight Tips

Who doesn’t dream about whisking away to a foreign land, discovering a new place, sampling delectable cuisine, and learning about vibrant cultures? Hopping on a plane to reach your destination of choice will likely be the first part of your journey. Having traveled to so many countries with loads of miles covered, we have plenty of tips and tricks to get you through a long-haul flight. By Rina Chandarana


"Start your trip hydrated and limit your alcohol intake before and during your flight. It is a good idea to bring a change of clothes and toiletries in your hand luggage and pack some snacks. We also suggest checking in 24 hours before your flight for an opportunity to snag some premium seating." - Joan Belanger, Air Specialist


“I always carry a pashmina on a long-haul flight because I never know how cold it’s going to be in the airport or on the plane. You can never have enough layers.” - Nicky Brandon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing


“I wish I could say I was sipping French champagne while slipping teaspoons of Russian beluga caviar down my throat during flights! The reality is I have survived mostly on Starbucks because of their variety of to-go sandwiches at most airports. What I do enjoy having most on long-haul flights is my inflatable neck pillow with a Velcro strap. My head never flops sideways, allowing me to sleep in a propped-up position. It deflates easily and can be tucked away in my personal carry-on bag. It’s been a lifesaver on many an occasion.” - Ken Hermer, Designer


“Try to choose an aisle seat so you can get up to walk around frequently, giving your legs a chance to move about. You might miss the view from the window seat, but this way you can avoid the dreaded swollen feet.” - Rina Chandarana, Marketing and Content Assistant


"Do you have any books you have been wanting to read? What about that long list of podcasts you haven't started yet? Take a break from the in-flight entertainment and download a few books via the Audible app or podcast episodes from Apple Podcast to listen to offline. If you have a hard time sleeping on flights, download the Headspace app for a plethora of guided meditations and soothing sounds to help you relax on the plane." - Amy Willis, Graphic Designer

Travel With Ease: Announcing Global Rescue 

Enhanced planning and peace of mind for every Ker & Downey journey. By Katy Heerssen

Ker & Downey is pleased to announce our partnership with Global Rescue, the world’s leading membership organization providing medical, security, evacuation, travel risk, and crisis management services. Every custom journey now includes Global Rescue’s Medical Transport Services and Security Evacuation Services.

What is included?

Medical Transport Services provide worldwide field rescue and transportation to the nearest appropriate hospital for any serious medical emergency.  Security Evacuation Services will evacuate travelers in situations ranging from (but not limited to) natural disasters, terror attacks, and unrest. Travelers will also have access to the Global Rescue GRID app, a free app providing customized travel alerts specific to your trip, as well as GPS tracking and communication.

Does Global Rescue replace travel insurance?

Services like cancellation coverage or reimbursements are not part of the Global Rescue inclusions. Travelers are still strongly encouraged to purchase travel and health insurance for each trip, offered through our partnership with Allianz. 

Your Ker & Downey designer is available to answer any other questions you may have about this service, including extended coverage after completion of your trip.

The One Stop Shop

Find all of your travel gear for your next adventure at Ker & Downey’s new store. Shop our packing suggestions, recommended travel books, and items that give back at the Ker & Downey Shop

By Haley Beham

This lightweight water bottle has a French press- style plunger that filters waterborne pathogens (including viruses), pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals from freshwater sources, providing purified water anywhere in the world. 

On Safari

Shop for your safari gear with our Ker & Downey must-have essentials for men and women.

In most cases, you will want to dress for outdoor comfort in lightweight, loose fit clothing. Cotton and cotton/synthetic mixtures are most comfortable. Safaris can be dusty, and while game viewing, the most practical clothing is tan, khaki, and other neutral colors. In the evenings, you’ll want an informal change of clothing for dinner. In the austral winter, you will need a heavy sweater or jacket when game viewing or spending time outside in the early morning and evening.

nets shirt.png

Shop for a Cause

Each shirt purchased provides an insecticide-treated mosquito net and medical care for the people in rural communities of Africa.

Learn more at:

Top Picks for 2020 

Before you start planning where to go in 2020, take a look at our curated list of destinations to visit before everyone else. By Rina Chandarana


There are many reasons to put Munich and Bavaria on your travel radar aside from the cuisine (yes, there’s more than bratwurst and beer) and the moody, magical forests. You should add the Oberammergau Passion Play to your bucket list pronto since it is only performed every 10 years. It has included a live orchestra, chorus, and an elaborate cast of actors since it started in 1634. 

The 250th birthday of Beethoven will be celebrated in his birthplace of Bonn next year, making Germany the place to be for music lovers in 2020. 


Madagascar is eternally intriguing — one of those far-flung destinations that seems so mysterious and untouched. What makes Madagascar all the more appealing is its variety of landscapes. Wide-eyed lemurs dance in the gnarly Spiny Forests resembling something out of a Dr. Seuss book. Impossibly clear water, secluded beaches, and coral reefs near Mitsio encompass island living at its best. 


It’s not a new park, but it’s certainly one to visit. Akagera is the poster child of a comeback — once on the brink of destruction 20 years ago when refugees of the 1994 Genocide returned to Rwanda using the forests for timber, wildlife for protein, and the savannahs for their livestock to graze. Majestic lions were nearly extinct and the rhinos had disappeared. All of this loss makes Akagera’s flip even more remarkable today. Stay at Wilderness Safaris’ Magashi Camp to see eastern black rhinos and a growing pride of lions keeping the hope alive for Akagera. 


Bhutan’s heaven-reaching Himalayas and cliff-clinging Tiger’s Nest Monastery (which must be living on a prayer the way it dangles over a forest-filled valley) elicit feelings of overwhelming awe. Bhutan’s natural beauty and bright Buddhist festivals — featuring colorfully clad monks in masks dancing to traditional sounds — give insight into this remote and remarkable land.


There's never been a more important time to visit the Amazon to appreciate its value and ensure its survival. Cruise through the steamy jungles of Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil. For starters there’s the new Aqua Nera luxury cruise ship launching in the Peruvian Amazon in 2020. 

Pair up a journey to the Galapagos with a quiet retreat at an Ecuadorian lodge and a tranquil river cruise. Or for something truly exclusive, hop aboard a private yacht charter taking you through the Amazon in Brazil.