One picture, one moment, one memory captured by photographer Austin Mann

"This shot comes from Volcanoes National Park, where I found myself standing with a family of gorillas in the wild.

Our trackers were just around the corner and had indicated there were a bunch hanging out together ahead. I was walking toward them and just about to come around the bend when I looked to my right and saw this gorilla only three feet from me, just chewing on some bamboo. 

We both froze, eyes locked for a few moments. After a bit, she started chewing again and when she did, I lifted my iPhone 7 Plus and snapped this image before moving on. It became one of my favorite shots (and moments) from the project."

Austin's work has been widely published in both corporate and non-profit worlds, from National Geographic and the Travel Channel, to Samaritan’s Purse and the Global Poverty Project. His wide range of experience has enabled him to organize and teach workshops worldwide on how to leverage photography and storytelling to dignify people, build communities, and promote change.