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EXPERT PACKING: Two weeks on safari—in a carry-on

Ker & Downey's Tiffany DeSalvo, an Africa luxury travel consultant, manages to fit everything she needs for a two-week trip to Africa in one carry-on. Having been to Africa over 10 times, she's got packing down to a science. Here are her top tips.

  1. Only pack for six days. Most of the camps provide laundry service, so leave any extras at home.
  2. For organization and quick access, invest in packing cubes. Tiffany swears by Eagle Creek's Pack-It Specter™ cubes, to keep her carry-on tidy.
  3. Separate your clothing into cubes. Think shirts in one, pants in another, and so on.
  4. Stick to a neutral color palet. Make mixing and matching simple. (Tip: Bring a scarf or two to dress up an outfit for dinner.)
  5. Pack an extra cube for laundry.
  6. Pack an extra foldable bag for any items you may pick up while traveling. You can still check your bag and carry on a shopping bag.
  7. Keep toiletries to a minimum. Don't pack items that will be provided by the camps such as bug spray, body wash, and shampoo. 


Combating dry skin on safari is simple. Tiffany's go to product is Goe Oil by Jao Brand. This combination of 28 plants, fruits, flowers, oils, and butters pampers and protects—and it smells great too.


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