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Tiffany DeSalvo

Where were you last? 


What was your most amazing experience?

Rafting the jade-colored Soca River and being surrounded by the beautiful mountain scenery. Dining at Hisa Franko after the adventure was a close second.

What would you recommend from your trip?

Visit the family-run wineries in the charming region of Goriska Barda. Book a suite at Vila Istra to watch the sunrise over Lake Bled while you sip your morning coffee.


MJ Eraci

Where were you last? 

Northern Kenya

What was your most amazing experience?

The helicopter flight in northern Laikipia had amazing views. We landed on a cliff for our sundowner.

What would you recommend from your trip?

Don’t get caught up in your phone or camera. Just watch, listen and observe. You’ll see amazing things.


HOT TOPIC:  It’s Congo Time!

An African safari is always a good idea, especially if it’s in the Republic of Congo. We’ve got three reasons why it should be on your travel radar.


Take a trek in Odzala-Kokoua National Park in search of lowland gorillas. Watch the endangered species parade through the jungle and feel like the only person on Earth in this far-flung region of Africa.


Beyond the primates, there’s a magnificent range of animal life. Think toothy crocs, forest elephants and a pandemonium of African grey parrots that gather to bathe, sip water and swoop through the air in the open savannahs and swamps. 


Thick and lush rainforests sprawl over 80 percent of the country, which makes it the second largest on the planet after the Amazon. The lungs of the world are pretty amazing, aren’t they?