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The latest travels and experiences from our team.


Jeanne Stayton

Where were you last? 

Moscow and St. Petersburg

What was your most amazing experience?

The cleanliness and beauty of the metro stations, which were built resembling museums.

What would you recommend from your trip?

Allow plenty of time to visit both sections of the Hermitage including the jewel rooms.

Any other tips for travelers?

Having an experienced tour guide will allow you to beat the crowds at the busiest tourist attractions. Wear comfortable shoes so you can enjoy walking around and experiencing these cities. The food is really tasty too.


Catherine Brown

Where were you last? 

Nepal and Bhutan’s Himalayas

What was your most amazing experience?

Wildlife spotting in Chitwan National Park, a private yoga session in Kathmandu, climbing to Tiger’s Nest monastery, breakfast with local monks, and a traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath are at the top of my list. 

What would you recommend from your trip?

I loved Dwarika’s hotel in downtown Kathmandu along with the remote, yet incredibly special Gangtey Lodge in Bhutan. 

Any other tips for travelers?

Splurge on the Everest helicopter trip. Don’t leave home without a real camera — you’ll want it to capture the amazing Himalayan vistas.



Luxury trains not only get you from point A to B, but they also transport you into a splendid bygone era of travel, slowing the journey down so you can see the world at a different pace. All aboard on these Ker & Downey approved rail journeys. By Rina Chandarana


Namibia’s stark and stunning landscape is front and center on this journey that retraces the path of the pioneers who flocked to this remote region in search of treasures in the diamond mines. Hop off to soar above the jaw-droppingly beautiful, rusty, and rippling sand dunes via a hot-air balloon ride. Grab your camera — you are likely to see a desert-adapted elephant in this unforgettable trip.


Even though Bangkok and Singapore seem to be moving at frenetic speeds, your route will feel nothing but relaxed in a passage inspired by the classic 1932 film Shanghai Express. The elegant train weaves through rural landscapes dotted with temples, tea plantations, and small villages. 


There’s a reason this art deco set of carriages is one of the most coveted ways to travel through Europe. Sumptuous wooden interiors decked out with rich upholstery and antique fixtures exude the Golden Age’s glitz and glamor. Dress to impress when you mingle at the Champagne Bar. While you get your beauty sleep, you will be whisked to Europe’s timeless cities — Paris, Venice, and London.