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Stephanie Click

Where were you last? 

Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin, Xianyang and Shanghai

What was your most amazing experience?

Climbing the Great Wall. The magnitude of this piece of history is unbelievable. It was breathtaking and emotional to think of all that went into building this piece of architecture centuries ago.

What would you recommend from your trip?

The Great Wall and the Terra Cotta Warriors are must-dos. In China, there is history around every corner, so you can’t go wrong.

Any other tips for travelers? 

To share photos and updates with friends back home, while traveling in China, download a VPN prior to departure in the United States.


Amy Willis

Where were you last? 

The Amazon, Peru

What was your most amazing experience?

Searching for caimans on the river at night during a downpour. It was an adrenaline-pumping rush.

What would you recommend from your trip?

Skip sleeping in and go on the optional sunrise birding excursion. The peacefulness of the river first thing in the morning is a rare treat. 

Any other tips for travelers?

Many of Ker & Downey's preferred Amazon cruise vessels have donation supplies that can be pre-purchased for the community visit, or feel free to bring products listed on their site.



If Africa is on your radar, beat the seasonal rush and book well in advance. Here are five of our fall travel favorites.


Africa is wild and wonderful year-round, overflowing with the sights and sounds of majestic animals. Kenya is less crowded in November, making it the perfect time to spot migrating birds and game. Further south, the summer season is in full swing in Botswana where big cats prowl and leopards lounge in shady trees. Storm clouds and wildebeests rumble through Tanzania’s Serengeti. Visitor numbers are low, making it easier to spot wildlife. 


In the fall, head off the coast to the island of Madagascar to see adorable baby lemurs in Andasibe National Park. Under the sea, a glorious and very colorful world awaits on a snorkeling trip, banishing all thoughts of the cold and dreary weather back home. Splash in the surf on South Africa’s Boulders Beach and if you are lucky, spot a Southern right whale as it migrates to the chillier depths of Antarctica.