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Evan Jones

Where were you last? 


What was your most amazing experience?

Daily game drives, riding in a small helicopter with open sides, zooming through the Okavango Delta by motorboat, chasing a pack of 30 wild dogs, gliding through the reeds in a mokoro while a herd of elephants crossed the channel. 

What would you recommend from your trip?

Go on the helicopter ride. It’s exhilarating flying so low above the delta. It’s a unique view not available from bush planes.


Barrett Caldwell

Where were you last? 

China, including Beijing, Chengdu, Lijiang and Shanghai 

What was your most amazing experience?

My most enriching experience came in the foothills of the Himalayas within the UNESCO site of Lijiang, home to the Naxi people. I hiked onto Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to meet villagers and a shaman from the tribe. 

What would you recommend from your trip?

Be adventurous and unafraid of trying the street food and the spicier dishes in Sichuan province. Also see rural China, where you can connect with the culture and people. 



With so many countries to choose from, it’s hard to know where to go. Here’s our short list for your next adventure. By Rina Chandarana


South Korea is for travelers seeking both the ancient and the avant-garde. Seoul, the bustling capital, is nonstop high energy. Known for its natural beauty, the countryside is home to hundreds of traditional Buddhist monasteries nestled in its mountains.


This tiny Balkan country has rugged mountains, medieval villages and pristine, destination-worthy beaches on the Adriatic coastline. Montenegro’s cultural mix runs deep; here, mosque minarets mingle with domed Orthodox churches. Often overlooked in favor of Croatia, Montenegro is just as charming — minus the crowds.


Arab and European sailors stumbled upon Mozambique before the Portuguese colonized it in 1498. The result: a vibrant mélange of architecture and cuisine unique to this East African nation. Throw in perfect beaches and the Quirimbas Archipelago’s thriving underwater world in the Indian Ocean and you have an Africa you never imagined.