The latest travels and experiences from our luxury travel consultants


Tiffany DeSalvo

Where were you last?
Somalisa Camp, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe
You recommend: 
Guests do not have to leave camp to enjoy the game as the animals, particularly elephants come very close to camp. The camp has been recently rebuilt including a new elevated pool for guest use because the original one was a hit with the elephants. When guests do make it out on a game drive there is rarely another vehicle to be seen, and my guide, Lewis, is one of my all-time favorite guides. 


Michelle Nicholson


Where were you last?: 
Paraty, Brazil
You recommend: 
For a great overview of Paraty, spend a day on one of the colorful fishing boats. It’s a relaxing way to see the area and get introduced to its charm. Sail to Vermelha, and Cotia and Algodão, stopping along the way to swim and snorkel with sea turtles. And depending on weather conditions, finish off with a visit to Saco do Mamanguá, a tropical fjord of unique beauty.


Jamie Bell

What is the most memorable property you visited?: 
For me it was Chiang Rai in Thailand. We spent two days with the elephants and their caretakers, called mahouts, riding them through the countryside. During one of our treks we went swimming with the elephants, and it was amazing.

What would you recommend from your trip?: 
We took a guided Vespa tour in Ho Chi Minh City. It was a blast! We hopped around from bars to restaurants all over the city, trying different kinds of foods, and seeing the nightlife. Don’t let navigating the crazy streets intimidate you.

Any other tips for travelers?: 
If you have a shorter travel window, and you have the stamina for jam-packed days, it is easy for Ker & Downey to combine multiple countries in Southeast Asia. My trip was fast in each place, but we were still able to make meaningful connection to the places and the wonderful people. Most of all —and this is a good tip anywhere in the world—be daring, be adventurous, and have an open mind! 

Liane Soukup

Where were you last?: 
Northern Territory & West Arnhemland, Australia
You recommend: 
Both places offer remote settings to let you really become one with the land. Several small group and private guided excursions are on offer in the local regions. Highlights include walking around the base of Uluru and seeing the enormous amounts of rock art and the famous rainbow serpent at the Mount Borradaile escarpment in Arnhemland.